Doctor Christopher Kaufman Teaching Artist and Composer For Teachers and Parents. Share the benefits of Music with your Children!

√ Dr. Christopher Kaufman's Teaching System introduces music fundamentals through the highly imaginative and entertaining story of  "The Adventures of Squiggle T. Buglet in The Musical Forest!"

√  You'll receive Dr. Kaufman's colorfully illustrated book and the audio album which perfectly matches it.  The album is bursting with symphonic music, voice acting and narration!  Then there are teaching videos in which the characters from the book come to life and lead music adventure games, riddles and tests!

√ End the frustration of knowing which music program to use and how to use it... and what happens next!

√ Perfect for Classroom Story time or for the Home!

√ Dr. Kaufman has a doctorate in music composition and pedagogy and over 25 years of experience teaching young people.  He brings this experience to your fingertips through his creative and fun teaching system!

√ Start with The Musical Forest Teaching System, which is led by the enthralling and educational story of Squiggle T. Buglet's adventures in the Musical Forest.  Each chapter introduces a new fundamental {rhythm, hearing tones, melody, harmony, the families of instruments, creativity}.  You can read and listen in any combination and follow with the teaching videos.

√ Dr. Kaufman will follow up and help you maximize the benefits by offering teaching tips, follow up materials and consultations. It's like having your own private music professor on call!  He holds regular office hours and loves working with teachers and families, as he has done for many years.

√ The Book (with Audio Album) and videos can be acquired separately, the basic teaching system is All INCLUDED.

Emmy award winning composer for television and film, Joe Carrol, worked with Jim Henson for over 25 years on projects such as Sesame Street.

√ You'll have the opportunity to subscribe at a discount to Dr. Kaufman's publication, "The Musical Forest Monthly", which expands on the concepts shared in each chapter of The Musical Forest and includes stories and lessons, games, listening lists, music and art education philosophy and more.

√ Join The Musical Forest on-line Community!

Dr. Kaufman maintains an active career as a composer for the classical concert stage and filmDoctor Kaufman Performs The Musical Forest with his Daughter Sofia Rose Kaufman and presents beautiful concert events sharing new music and art with family audiences in his series titled The Phantastic Theater.  He will let you know when these events occur in case you can join us!


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