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A Detective Reed Mystery! – Alice Cotton

A newly written quarter note, Celeste, asks, “Why do I look this way? I am a round black circle with a pole sticking out of my head!” To find her answer, she travels to the Blue Moon with Detective Reed.

They walk through magic doors into Stone Age Caves. They watch ancient Greek music-making and wander into a medieval Italian city where they meet Celeste’s oldest ancestors.  Then, as they head for home, they catch a special performance by the Blue Moon Singers and meet a friend, Detective A. Capella, who tells them about a missing ghost note.  Come join the fun and read another exciting musical tale by author, Alice Cotton.






Sound City is a place where characters inspired by music iconography live and engage in delightful adventures! In Alice Cotton’s highly original and beautifully illustrated books, young readers meet the fanciful citizens of Sound City, such as the debonair Detective Reed, a half rest who leads readers through thrilling musical mysteries.  They’ll bump into Allegro, the energetic eighth note and Hilo, a super cool treble clef found in a song called The Peppermint Twist.  They’ll weave through sound waves and vibrating strings.  They’ll discover the forest of rests, and go on a trip into the mysterious Town of Changing Shapes. Along the way, readers learn about music in a natural way.  If lucky, they might find themselves in the garden where pink singing flowers grow!


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