Dr. Kaufman’s ‘The Musical Forest Teaching System’


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For Teachers and Parents. Children aged 0 – 8

1 BOOK in five parts and filled with colorful illustrations, THE COMPLETE AUDIO ALBUM bursting with brilliant symphonic music, professional voice acting, narration and sound design, and a full set of TEACHING VIDEOS.

Chapter by chapter, music fundamentals are introduced within the context of highly imaginative storytelling.  The music is of the highest quality, from the pen of Doctor Kaufman, who is an accomplished award-winning composer.

Emmy award winning composer for tv and film, Joe Carroll, worked with Jim Henson for many years on projects such as Sesame Street.

Doctor Kaufman also offers consultations with classroom teachers and parent teachers!  You’ll be invited to participate on the live blog and receive a discount for a subscription to “The Musical Forest Monthly”.  This publication builds on the lessons introduced in The Musical Forest, broadens the concepts and includes music-based games, music and arts education philosophy, progressive listening lists and much else, thus continuing the process.

In addition, Dr. Kaufman offers lessons and materials for parents to teach them how to get their children started in music!  Everything is accessed by the subscription at excellent discount rates designed for family budgets! He is constantly finding ways to offer more free materials as well.

Begin by enjoying the wonderful story and music found in the book and audio album! Listen and read.  Play the album in the car or before bed!

TEACHERS! Additional Books are sold in groups of 10,20 or 30 at near at cost discount.


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