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Anna Filameno’s ‘So You Wanna be Italian?’ is a unique experience. Actress/writer Anna Filameno takes us on a journey of self-discovery as she explores her roots through vignettes written in a style which lives between poetry and prose. Through a tour-de-force of powerful images and experiences, sometimes dreamlike, sometimes biographical, we learn the potent force Italian figures such as Valentino, Fellini, Sinatra, Anna Magnani,  Aradia ‘le strega’ and many others had on the life of this brilliant artist, how in exploring her relation to them she more fully realized her relationship to herself, and how we can be inspired to do the same in our own lives.

Anna Writes:
“Who am I?” I thought… “And how do I find the pieces of myself that I have lost along the way?”

Each page has a beautiful background graphic art illustration that helps tell the story of each vignette.
“I begin with the Storytellers and Dreamers…”
Filameno mixes stream of consciousness with biography and always returns to her personal experience. The result is an uplifting and unforgettable reminder that we all have roots and, in exploring them, find ourselves.
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  1. Christopher Kaufman

    “Anna is a word painter with a vast palette… sometimes romantic and poetic, sometimes explosive! Reading her vignettes is like being on a roller coaster ride… and when you catch your breath you’re ready for more!”
    -Arlene Karian, Author

    “I couldn’t put this book down, I wish it never ended!… I am so grateful for this book, Anna’s writing brings to light the immense contribution of these… almost mythical figures… the Italian writers, actors, directors, politicians and teachers who have forever enriched our world!”
    Diana Nadas, Italian translator and interpreter

    “Anna’s work is raw and alive, full of ethnic color and flavor. I can think of no better way to spend a few hours, wrapped in her vignettes, lost inside people significant to all of our cultures!”
    Ilene Aliyah Alexander, psychotherapist

    “Being Italian is an amazing adventure in itself and Anna Filameno has brought us the experience and made it alive for us. It’s amazing how I felt my own roots as I read these pages. The graphic art is amazing!”
    Alice Cotton Royer, Author, Educator, Artist

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