The Talisman of Ahau-Kin


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This book is from the movie Doctor Kaufman created for the World Premier of the Halloween Edition of his concert series for family audiences, The Phantastic Theater.

Story, Music and Art all by Doctor Kaufman.  His daughter. Sofia Rose Kaufman, stars in the film and book!

Horror meets The Twilight Zone and History in this fun, Halloween-Themed Original Tale! 

Join Young Rosita Alvarado as she saves our planet from an evil mist turning people into zombies and ghosts! The Earth has created this mist in response to our ill treatment of her.

Young Rosita enters the haunted mansion of her ancestor, the dread pirate “Captain Blood” and braves his scuttled pirate ship on the bottom of the sea.  There she must retrieve the ‘Talisman of Ahau-Kin!  The Talisman is from the tombs of the ancient Mayans and has the power to cure the planet!

Doctor Christopher Kaufman is an award winning teaching artist, composer, filmmaker, concert presenter and author.  He maintains an active career as a composer of music for the classical concert stage and film. He earned his doctorate in music composition and pedagogy years ago and has specialized in teaching young people for over 20 years.  As director of CHIRON Performing Arts and The Phantastic Theater, he has presented the work of hundreds of artists of all disciplines.




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