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“I was surrounded by some of the most beautiful architecture in the country,” the author says, “and I couldn’t stop drawing it!”

Thus Alice Cotton began her journey exploring the magnificent and magical architecture of historic Oregon. She takes us with her on her entertaining adventures – which are sometimes funny, sometimes filled with breathless excitement! She gives us a beguiling personal story for each house, station or theater… she shares her passion for architecture… and delivers stunning fine art drawings of each, interpreting the design of the buildings with her imaginative flair. She follows with in-depth backstory of each home or structure… the owners, how it was built, anecdotes and family history.

It is as if these buildings are alive and speaking to us.

And we listen with our eyes, just as Alice Cotton did… and will never see a building or house the same again! The questions – Where did it come from? What is its History? Who built it and how? These discoveries will create endless fascination and greatly enhance our appreciation of our schools, historic structures and homes.

“The drawings are spellbinding… breathtaking… and the writing is beautiful and moving…” – Anna Filameno, writer





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