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My name is Christopher Kaufman. I am a composer, performer, graphic artist, concert presenter, and the author of the epic fantasy series ‘Tales Of The Ocean City’.  Story, graphic art and epic cinematographic music are combined to give readers/listeners as powerful and immersive an experience as is in my power to give.
I believe in the power of fantasy to transform one’s life.  I hope that the planet Tir’whol and the noble citizens of The Ocean City will be a part of yours.

• ‘Tales Of The Ocean City’ is the epic story of a young civilization forced to confront a terrible enemy from the deep past, the VORM.  Follow, as Harl’ut and the noble pegasus Vispushin, who share a powerful telepathic bond, lead a group of young warriors into the heart of the Vorm Hive!
Enjoy Kaufman's Graphic Art in the books and his passionate reading performances and brilliant award winning epic cinematographic music in the PODCASTS, audio albums and soundtracks!
Follow as Harl’ut and Vispushin, in Book One: Battle in the Sky, join Princess Bryn’lynn and her bond-mate Zhii’gla in  harrowing Battle over the southern plain.  Experience the thrilling conclusion, all of which begins a vast epic five book adventure.
Explore the exotic and mystical world of Tir’Whol with its three suns and myriads of imaginative creatures.  Discover the compelling characters who inhabit The Ocean City!

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Tales of the Ocean City
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